Information Security Policy

With the implementation of this policy odelo top management confirms to provide the reliability, security and sustainability of the information management and information processing services that are covered in odelo Information Security Management System and used in production processes performed by the vision of becoming a global world class automotive lighting manufacturer and Lean Excellence approach by applying following fundemental information management principles.

  • Securing the confidentiality, availability and integrity of all odelo information assets against evolving internal and external information security threats by applying compherensive risk assesment methods.
  • Staying compliant with information security requirements of enterprise, stakeholders, regulations and legislations.
  • Providing all necessary resources (Infrastructure, Process, etc.) for succesfull, operative and generalized Information Security Management System in order to achive targets.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of all information assets regardless of the ownership and whether it is produced internally or externally.
  • Providing all necessary resources to improve the technical and behavioural competencies of employees and providing required trainings to let them to contribute ISMS processes.
  • Reporting all tangible and suspicious information security infringements in order to prevent them to be repeated and to provide all ISMS requirements to be applied.
  • Assuring the all information security objectives to be achieved.
  • Supporting the continuous improvement of system.

We will integrate all other management systems with information security principles and will work hard to be a successfull player in this area.

In case of non-conformance to this policy, we may face with undesirable consequences such as loss of corporate reputation. Therefore, all odelo employees and subcontractors are liable to comply with the requirements of this policy

Safety, Environment and Energy Policy

Our first priority is work safety.

Quality of our products, our processes and our behavior are key criteria for our success. We are part of society and natural environment. We are fully responsible for our decisions to employees, society, environment and natural resources. On this basis and according to requirements of ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001, we announce this policy to serves as a guide for our employees in everyday work. We provide healthy, safe and clean environment to all our employees, suppliers customers and society as well. In order to fulfill our ultimate goal “0 accident”, minimize occupational diseases and damages, build healthy and safe working environment, using existing energy resources in the most efficient way and ensure persistence, we guarantee:

  • Performing health, safety, environmental and energy obligations within the scope of automotive lighting products,
    • Carrying out studies for the protection of air quality,
    • Protection, consumption and management of water quality,
    • Protection of soil quality and prevention of groundwater pollution,
    • Ensuring reuse and recycling,
    • Conservation of biodiversity, proper use of land and prevention of deforestation,
    • Reducing noise emissions,
    • Adopting responsible chemical management,
    • Animal welfare work,
  • Making all the employees and interested parties adopt not to put themselves, other employees and visitors’ lives at risk as their main duty by the help of necessary training,
  • Within the scope of all our activities, making employees adopt a habit of doing systematic risk assessment in order to eliminate hazards and decrease health, safety and environmental risks,
    • Providing incident and accident management with a proactive approach,
    • Protection from possible effects with emergency preparedness,
    • Ensuring the continuity of fire protection systems,
    • Giving priority to machine safety in supply and usage processes,
    • Management of personal protective equipment for collective protection and personal protection,
    • Processing, transporting, storing and ensuring safe use hadling of chemical and biological substances.
    • Providing workplace ergonomics in new project and process construction
  • Developing products and processes using the best available techniques and providing their safety and material and energy efficiency,
  • Supporting participation of internal stakeholders, employees and employee representatives, we make the efforts to build an open dialogue with authorities, regulators, local community and other interested parties in external environment,
  • Including our suppliers and business partners in our efforts to protect environment, optimal use of resources and higher energy efficiency,
  • Increasing the level of health and safety, reducing the use of outsourcing and waste, ensuring sustainable resources management with efficient use of energy and natural resources, working with preventive approaches instead of solving problems,
  • Preventing injuries and impairment of health, ensuring continuous improvement of safety management and performance, preventing pollution, periodically revising our targets for improving energy performance and providing all necessary resources for reaching targets,
  • In addition to purchasing of energy efficient products and services to improve our energy performance, we also carry out a process design and modification considering the energy consumption criteria,
  • To achieve odelo group sustainability goals through reducing climate change, reporting and reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), encouraging the use of renewable energy sources, reducing human-induced carbon emissions (decarbonisation) and environmental compliance activities,

We hold ourselves accountable by maintaining work safety, environment and energy complying with regulations and accept providing continuous improvement.

Quality Policy

We aim to fulfill our customers’ increasing expectations by making continuous improvements in quality, price and delivery issues .

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