Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision

Global automotive lighting system supplier with leading technologies.

Our mission

We build light with dedication. We provide safety, style, identity and comfort for every generation.

Our values


We will continue to be honest, fair, reliable and respectful to our customers, employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers and to society. We will follow the compliance rules and continue to gain the recognition of society by working transparently, adhering to the law at all times while maintaining high standards of business ethics.

Team Work

As a member of the international business community with a global mindset, we will always respect cultural differences. We will always support each other to achieve success as a team.


We will continue to develop new methods by continuing to be a pioneer and thinking outside the box. Innovation is key for our sustainable and continuous growth.

Being proactive

We take necessary precautions by determining problems before they occur. We find the right solutions to avoid repetitive problems.

Customer Oriented

Creating value and satisfaction for our customer determine our daily activities, whether those customers are external or internal.

Empowerment and Support

Our employees work in the areas where their greatest strengths lie. We encourage and promote entrepreneurial thinking and personal commitment in order to realize success and performance.

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