We stand by our customers, from the initial idea to the finished product

The automotive industry places the highest demands on the quality, reliability of delivery, cost leadership and innovative strength of its development partners and suppliers. The odelo Group meets these requirements in all of its processes and competencies. As a specialist in automotive lighting, our innovative strength is the driving force behind our operations.

Research & Development

Research & development

Trend-setting technologies and products

With unbroken innovative spirit, the odelo Group stands for trend-setting technologies.


Prototype construction

Here, ideas become reality

odelo's innovative ideas become tangible for the first time in prototype construction.



Feats for our customers

We accomplish feats of technical production and logistical services for our customers in our production plants.

Test Equipment Technology

Test equipment technology

Quality guaranteed

Exceptional quality alone does not guarantee customer satisfaction, but it forms a basic prerequisite for the decisions of our customers, suppliers and other business partners.

Testing & Validation

Testing & validation

100 percent reliability

From development to production, we continually perform tests and validations.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Our products arrive

With our years of experience in supply chain management, we guarantee our customers that our products arrive – just in time & just in sequence.

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