Information Security Policy

With the implementation of this policy odelo top management confirms to provide the reliability, security and sustainability of the information management and information processing services that are covered in odelo Information Security Management System and used in production processes performed by the vision of becoming a global world class automotive lighting manufacturer and Lean Excellence approach by applying following fundemental information management principles.

  • Securing the confidentiality, availability and integrity of all odelo information assets against evolving internal and external information security threats by applying compherensive risk assesment methods.
  • Staying compliant with information security requirements of enterprise, stakeholders, regulations and legislations.
  • Providing all necessary resources (Infrastructure, Process, etc.) for succesfull, operative and generalized Information Security Management System in order to achive targets.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of all information assets regardless of the ownership and whether it is produced internally or externally.
  • Providing all necessary resources to improve the technical and behavioural competencies of employees and providing required trainings to let them to contribute ISMS processes.
  • Reporting all tangible and suspicious information security infringements in order to prevent them to be repeated and to provide all ISMS requirements to be applied.
  • Assuring the all information security objectives to be achieved.
  • Supporting the continuous improvement of system.

We will integrate all other management systems with information security principles and will work hard to be a successfull player in this area.

In case of non-conformance to this policy, we may face with undesirable consequences such as loss of corporate reputation. Therefore, all odelo employees and subcontractors are liable to comply with the requirements of this policy



我们的产品质量,流程和行为是我们成功的关键标准。我们是社会和自然环境的一部分。我们对于员工的、社会的、环境的、自然资源所做出的决定负有完全的责任。在此基础上,根据ISO14001,ISO5001和ISO45001的要求,我们宣布了这一方针,作为我们全员日常工作的指南。我们为员工、供应商、客户和社会提供健康、安全和清洁的环境。为了实现我们的终极目标“0 事故”最大限度地减少职业病和伤害,建立健康、安全的工作环境,以最有效的方式利用现有的能源资源,并确保持久性,我们承诺:

  • 在汽车照明产品范围内履行健康,安全,环境和能源的义务,
  • 通过必要的培训,使所有员工和相关方以不危及自己,其他员工和访客生命安全为主要职责,
  • 在我们所有活动范围内,让员工养成系统风险评估的习惯,以消除危害和降低健康,安全,环境的风险。
  • 使用最优的技术开发产品和工艺,并提供其安全性,材料特性和能源效率。
  • 支持内部利益相关者,员工,员工代表参与,我们努力与政府,监管机构,当地社区和外部环境中其他相关方建立公开的对话机制,
  • 包括我们的供应商和业务伙伴,共同努力保护环境,优化资源利用,提高能源利用效率,
  • 提高健康安全管理水平,减少外包和浪费,有效利用能源和自然资源,采取预防措施避免事后处理,
  • 防止事故伤害和健康损害,确保安全绩效的持续改进,防止污染,定期修订能源绩效目标,并为实现目前提供所有必要的资源,
  • 除了采购节能产品和服务以提高我们的能源绩效,我们还根据能源标准进行工艺设计和工艺修改,
  • 通过减缓和适应气候变化的行动达成集团可持续发展的目标。


Quality Policy

We aim to fulfill our customers’ increasing expectations by making continuous improvements in quality, price and delivery issues .

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