Member of Strong Communities

The odelo Group is active in leading industry associations from the automotive and supplier industry.


Since 2006, the AHK – German-Slovenian Chamber of Industry and Commerce has endeavored to strengthen the economic relationships between Germany and Slovenia.


AKJ Automotive is a work group of experts and leaders from the automobile industry, and regards itself as a platform for the exchange of information between all members of the automotive value-added chain.


The German Society for Quality (DGQ) is a registered association. It comprises a network of specialists from various corporate levels and technical fields.


"Society for Production Management" is headquartered in Stuttgart and promotes scientific research and development in the field of production management for industry, trade and service providers.


The Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHK) are public professional bodies. The companies of a given region belong to them. The concept of self-help through networking extends back into the Middle Ages.


Turkish Employers’ Association of Metal Industries, MESS was established in İstanbul, in 14 October 1959 by eleven farsighted and modern entrepreneurs-men of principle who have committed themselves to the industrialization of the country.


The Turkish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (TD-IHK) has been dedicated since 2003 to the advising of member companies and supporting interested parties in navigating the Turkish or German markets.


TAYSAD has a reference position within Turkey for domestic and international OEM’s, Tier 1 Suppliers and institutions being the representative of Turkish Automotive Parts and Components Suppliers.


The Uludag Exporters' Association (UIB) organizes exporters to within interests of the country. UIB supports its members in developing their exports within the framework of these goals, duties and activities.


"German Association of the Automotive Industry" (VDA) was founded in 1901 as "German Association of the Industrialists of Motor Vehicles" (VDMI) and is an interest group of German automobile manufacturers and suppliers.


The Slovenian Manager's Association is a prominent management association in Slovenia which endeavors to protect and advance the management profession.

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