Quality without compromise

Excellent quality does not only guarantee customer satisfaction but it forms the basic prerequisite for the decisions to be made by our customers, suppliers and other business partners.

Product quality is not the only pillar of success for odelo but rather we maintain our integrative approach and implement our commitment to quality in our processes. Through this we ensure the satisfaction of our customers and thereby our own commercial success.

Our high quality approach not only demands efficient systems but also employees who are able to identify possible sources of mistakes and correct them but also to prevent errors from arising in the future. To overcome the growing challenges, our company locations are supported by our centralized quality management during the process of implementation of shared quality standards.

Tail lights from odelo have to prove themselves on a daily basis in millions of cases. This is only possible through excellent quality without compromises. To guarantee this level of quality all odelo products underline an all-encompassing, self-developed quality management system, which ensure quality that is significantly higher than the demands of our customers.

Quality Principles

  • customer orientation and customer satisfaction
  • satisfied, motivated and committed employees
  • Business-Excellence-Culture
  • Compliance with legal guidelines
  • Continual improvements
  • Long-term supplier development

Examination Procedure

To ensure our Zero-Error-Goal every lamp additionally goes through standardized tests and measurements. With these, innovative technologies are used, for example, 3D printer by Rapid.

Supplier Management

The comprehensive odelo quality pledge is also part of strong supplier management to ensure the highest standards throughout the entire value-chain.


All companies within the odelo group are, of course, certified by the common standards in the automotive industry.

odelo certificates

Safety, Environment and Energy Policy

Our first priority is work safety.

We provide healthy, safe and clean environment to all our employees, suppliers customers and society as well. In order to fulfill our ultimate goal “0 accident”, minimize occupational diseases and damages, build healthy and safe working environment, using existing energy resources in the most efficient way and ensure persistence, we guarantee;

  • Performing health, safety & environmental and energy obligations within the scope of automotive lighting products.
  • Making all the employees and interested parties adopt not to put themselves, other employees and visitors’ lives at risk as their main duty by the help of necessary training.
  • Within the scope of all our activities, making employees adopt a habit of doing systematic risk assessment in order to eliminate hazards and decrease health, safety and environmental risks.
  • Interested parties, employees and employee representatives’ full support and attendance.
  • Increasing health and safety level and decreasing outsourcing and waste rate, efficient use of energy and natural resources, working with preventive approaches instead of solving problems.
  • Preventing injuries and impairment of health, ensuring continuous improvement of safety management and performance, preventing pollution, periodically revising our targets for improving energy performance and providing all necessary resources for reaching targets.
  • In addition to purchasing energy efficient products and services to improve energy performance, we also make our process designs and modifications considering the energy performance.

We adopt work safety, environment and energy policy and accept providing continuous improvement.

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