Your Skills - our Common Advantage

A company is more than the sum of its employees, buildings, machines and processes. It is also more than the mere manufacturing of products or providing of services. An enterprise is particularly represented by a strong and reliable community of people who work together to achieve common goals. These people must stick together and identify with the company.

Across the board for our employees

Across the board for our employees

odelo meets its social responsibility with a consistent overall package of motivating working conditions and appropriate remuneration. To the benefit of employees and in the interest of individual as well as common successes: the employee is our central focus.

Humanity and Responsibility for all of us

Experience humanity and responsibility for one another.

The joy of daily work is part and parcel of our corporate culture. It arises when one has room to maneuver and can feel the freedom to make decisions in one's actions.

odelofit - Be active

odelofit - be active with preventive exercise.

The odelo health concept offers employees many different opportunities during and after worktime to look after their health and fitness. Several building blocks contribute to ensuring that both physical fitness and a balanced diet do not founder in in the face of daily work.

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