The prime minister of the Republic of Slovenia visited odelo Slovenija

Prebold, 17th January 2014

In January 2014 we were honoured to host three distinguished ladies, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia Alenka Bratušek, the Ambassadress of the Federal Republic of Germany Dr. Anne Elisabeth Prinz and the Ambassadress of the Republic of Turkey Serra Kaleli who visited our company odelo Slovenija. During the visit they also met with Mr. Ahmet Bayraktar, CEO and Managing Partner and Mr. Klaus Holeczek, CEO of the odelo group.

After the odelo company presentation done by Mr. Holeczek, the three high guests had a short factory tour through the production of odelo Slovenija lead by Mr. Davorin Dobočnik, Managing Director of odelo Slovenija and other odelo employees: Jure Cehner, Rok Bončina, Peter Kovše and Damjan Tehovnik. Prime Minister Ms. Bratušek emphasized that our company is one of the most successful companies in Slovenia, which are owned by foreign owners and is seen as a bright point of foreign direct investments in Slovenia.

Mr. Holeczek stressed out that odelo is very flattered of such a high level visit and that we see this as an acknowledgment and reward for our successful work. He pointed out that without such engagement and motivation of all employees we would not be able to achieve such success. Mr. Bayraktar commended our hard working employees who are showing great performance in Prebold and presented our goal set for the following years that is sales of over 160 mio Euros.

At the end of the visit the Prime Minister Bratušek thanked for the invitation and wished us a lot of success in the future.


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