odelo receives the GKV/TecPart-Innovation Award 2019 again

Stuttgart, 16. October 2019

For the combination rearlight of the current Audi A6, odelo today received the Innovation Award for outstanding performance again from the GKV/TecPart Verband Technische Kunststoff-Produkte e.V. (Association of Technical Plastic Products). Managing Director Muhammet Yildiz accepted the award on the first day of the K trade fair, 16 October, with pleasure.

"We are very pleased and proud that the commitment of our odelo employees will be rewarded with the Innovation Award 2019." expressed a delighted Muhammet Yildiz. "We will continue to focus on new trends and innovative technology in the future," added the odelo Managing Director.

In the manufacture of the current Audi A6 combination rearlight, odelo uses the simultaneous Branson laser welding process, which allows the external edges of the component to be joined directly and without vibrating relative movement by means of laser radiation, thus allowing the interior design of the combination rearlight to be connected directly to the weld seam.

The main innovation of the combination rear lamp is the joining technique combined with a functional glass edge design and an angled component gradation. This innovative combination allows a particularly high degree of design freedom and allows the end customer a continuous light image independent of the viewing angle.

odelo was already awarded the innovation prize in 2016 by the association for the production of the combination rearlight of the Mercedes T-Model.

For 45 years the GKV/TecPart - Innovation Award honours outstanding and innovative technical products, modules and assemblies made of plastic. The panel of experts evaluates, above all, outstanding solutions, manufacturing finesse and special features, plastic-compatible design and innovation in the component and process, such as the substitution of materials.


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