Innovative products through excellent technologies

We develop complex components and ideas for the products of today and for the future due to our dedication to technology and precision from every single employee at odelo. Also inventiveness and mastery of the demanding manufacturing process are essential to achieving our goals.

odelo’s broad range of various modern technologies allows us to offer all of our customers appropriate solutions to meet their expectations.

Product Technologies

Product technologies

Shining diversity

odelo asserts itself in the role as technology leader for rear lights with different light sources. Together with leading light source manufacturers, odelo brings the latest illumination concepts into series production.

Whether incandescent lamp, LED, Laser or OLEDs: Every light source provides unique advantages. By developing an organic LED, the next era of light has already started at odelo.

Manufacturing Technologies

Manufacturing technologies

Highest level

All of odelo’s plastic components are produced using the process of Injection Molding. In addition, our competence in the process of galvanization should also be particularly emphasized.

Welding Technologies

Welding Technologies

Innovation leader in laser welding

Future joining technologies open many new opportunities. Innovative laser plastic welding methods offer many advantages and will offset traditional plastic Welding processes.

Completely new design possibilities allow for absolute particle freedom and optically high-quality welding seams.

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